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We're in an era where broadcast, online and mobile platforms compete for viewer’s attention, marketing your product or brand is no longer a simple matter.  We offer a variety of online video and broadcast also video marketing solutions to promote your business, organization, and brand.

Rayborne Films™ of Los Angeles, CA, offers High Definition video production for both tv and online marketing needs from developing a concept to writing a script to a full Production service.  Rayborne Films™ offers an exclusive creative turn key approach to your production needs and products.  See for yourself how Rayborne Films™ is redefining the lines of media, tv and online broadcasting for clients that want and need for their business to grow.

People surfing the net want to quickly find the information about the service or product they are interested in. You need this to be presented to them via a method that rapidly gives them this information whilst also conveying quality, security, believability, and reliability.

The really good news is that a well crafted video created by our team is a very fast effective way of showing people what you have to offer.  It will rapidly get across the information you want to disseminate and convey the right corporate image.  We also offer a great value for the money and clients range from individuals, business start ups and small companies to major corporations. That's why we make quality films that tell a story.

The Mission

Rayborne Films is to be the leader in quality on-line family entertainment for the world and beyond.

Ensures all production  at all times, Collaborating and communicating effectively with other executives. Keeps productions within budget and maintains financial goals to Develop a Feature Film Department. Performing other job-related duties and work on special projects as required as a DOP for creative filming techniques. Directing on films and all related projects with 20 years experince in the film industry business.

This will be done by simultaneously assembling talented people who have a strong desire to be a part of the "traditional" Hollywood industry and by providing these talented people with support, resources and facilities to carry out their dreams.

The goal of the Rayborne Films concept is to provide a permanent best quality, creative imagination and visualization of films, tv shows, documentaries and many other programs to those who love great programs. Also, to be a leader in the film-making community by establishing a strong concept to the clients, community and the people. Most importantly, our priority is SAFETY FIRST.




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